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Orsha Linen Mill every year confirms in independent European laboratories that it meets the most severe requirements for ecological safety of its products according to certificate Oeko-tex 100.


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In March 2016 Orsha Linen Mill confirmed that it meets the standards of Oeko-Tex № 12.HBY.02843 Hohenstein regarding the fabrics for table and bed linen, either bleached or acidified, pure linen and semi-linen (blended with cotton), and passed the test on complying with ecological standards Oeko-Tex © Standard 100 for the production of the 2nd class. Authorization is valid until 31.03.2016.

Operating for over 80 years the company has gained a unique experience in processing of flax fiber and production of natural fabrics. Keeping tradition of linen weaving, the experts today are trying to keep up with the times, constantly improving technology and quality. In 2004 Orsha Linen Mill introduced a certified quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001-2001. Equipment is being upgraded, outdated machines are replaced by modern automated lines. This all contributes greatly to higher quality and richer range of products.


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